DressCode Shirts Cambridge

Technology is a wonderful thing when it’s working ….. I reckon most people would agree that printer glitches are among the most infuriating malfunctions of all (and I speak as the owner of Cambridge’s most temperamental printer!).  But for branding consultant Andy Boothman, who sent a brochure to print and ended up with an A3 page of what he describes as “colour frenzy”, his printer glitch turned out to be serendipity itself and the inspiration for his new business, DressCode Shirts.

DressCode Shirts logo

Andy and his wife relocated from Manchester to Cambridge four years ago.  He’s run his branding business (busy as AB), with its eclectic client list ranging from food to pharmaceuticals, for fifteen years.  Andy had been mulling over ideas for a second business and had the proverbial light bulb moment as he gazed at that sheet of colour frenzy ….. he realised this pattern would translate brilliantly into a fabric.

DressCode Shirts Cambridge
Image credit: DressCode Shirts

Andy’s always liked good shirts so he decided to create a brand where digital meets traditional in a fresh, innovative way.  Of course, Andy had never made a shirt in his life so he teamed up with a Norwich tailor and a fourth generation family business which produces shirts for global brands.  Working together, they developed a shape for a man’s shirt, paying huge attention to cut, fine seaming, cuff details, buttons and collar shape.  Fabrics are 100% cotton and feature designs based on pixels, code, binary and cursors as well as that original colour frenzy.

DressCode Shirts Cambridge
Image credit: Dresscode Shirts

So wearing a DressCode shirt lets you express your passion for tech but in a smart and subtle way.

DressCode Shirts Cambridge
Image credit: DressCode Shirts

It’s early days for DressCode but following its September launch, word is spreading via social media, online influencers and tech bloggers.  These shirts are definitely creating a buzz and Andy tells me they’re receiving very positive reviews.  Andy has plans to add pocket squares, women’s scarves and women’s shirts to the range but for now you can buy men’s shirts online through the DressCode website.



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