White Lotus Meditation Cambridge

For anybody out there who’s feeling overwhelmed and stressed or who lies wide awake at 3am with a “To Do” list running on a loop of worry in your head, read on ….. this post is for you!  Lucy Highton has just set up White Lotus Meditation in the city, teaching meditation practices that help to create a sense of space for the mind, within which you can restore calm and reconnect with yourself.

White Lotus Meditation Cambridge
Image credit: White Lotus Meditation

Lucy originally turned to meditation eight years ago as she sought calm and clarity in her busy London lifestyle.  She visited India several times during her early 30’s and found the power in just stopping and the strength that comes from stilling a busy mind.  But her world was shattered when her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer four years ago.  Some months after his death, feeling that she’d done all the healing she could do at home, Lucy returned to India for a year, practising meditation and considering the path her life was going to take.  Back from India, Lucy studied for a Diploma in Meditation Teaching at the British School of Meditation and she moved to Cambridge at the end of last year.

Lucy Highton White Lotus Meditation Cambridge
Image credit: White Lotus Meditation

Lucy has found the perfect studio space at Bodywise in Gwydir Street (off Mill Road) and will run her first Learn to Meditate course there over four Sunday evenings in June with a taster session in August and another course lined up for September.  She also plans to offer drop-in classes and one-to-one sessions plus corporate and school workshops.

White Lotus Meditation Cambridge
Image credit: White Lotus Meditation

I was really happy to meet Lucy and talk about meditation and mindfulness with her as it’s something I came to a couple of years ago when a difficult period in my life left my mind super busy with worries and sleep in short supply.  I took myself to a drop in meditation/mindfulness session at my local yoga centre and started attending weekly, unsure at first if I was getting it or doing it right but happy to be carving out that time just for me.  As the weeks passed, gradually I found I was able to still my mind and there was such peace in realising that I had the power to do that.  Practices like mindful breathing and counted meditation really help me with stressful times, sleeping and also, I’ve discovered, in the dentist’s chair!  And although I would never claim to be the most chilled out woman in Cambridge, those classes gave me the gift of tools which I can and do use every day.

To read more of Lucy’s story and for details of upcoming classes at White Lotus Meditation, take a look at the website through which you can also contact Lucy, who is happy to answer any questions you’d like to ask about meditation and mindfulness.


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