Podcast: Eco Living and Zero Waste in Cambridge

I’ve made another podcast!  In this episode, I chat to some of the people who are at the forefront of the eco living and zero waste movements in Cambridge and who have lots of ideas to help us tread a little more lightly on this planet.   Just search for New in Cambridge on Spotify or your favourite podcast platform.

The podcast chats are necessarily quite brief so to find out more, take a look at my guests’ websites:

Full Circle Shop    http://www.fullcircleshop.co.uk

Cambridge Food Hub    http://www.cambridgefoodhub.org

Cambridge Cookery School and Cafe    http://www.cambridgecookery.com

Eco Living Festival Cambridge    http://www.cambridgeecolivingfestival.uk

My thanks to Johanna, Alice and Tine for giving their time to make this podcast.

King’s College, Cambridge

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Eco Living and Zero Waste in Cambridge”

  1. So interesting Rosemary, Joanna, Alice and Tine. Thank you for giving me lots to think about this morning.


  2. I finally(!) finished listening to this excellent episode. I learned loads, and really liked the short format with different guests. Thanks, also, for the easy tips for those of us not sure where to start making a small difference.


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